Mercat de Mercats is a great celebration of fresh food and markets that takes place every year over a weekend in October. This outdoor three day festival presents the best of Catalan and Mediterranean cuisine in front of Barcelona Cathedral, along Cathedral Avenue and Avenida Francesc Cambo in Barcelona Old Town.

The main motive behind this festival is to present the Barcelona city markets and to maintain strong connections between them and the people.Here you can find over 40 market stalls, more than 50 local artisan producers who offer regional specialties and a great number of bars and restaurants with their signature drinks. There are also more than 20 wine cellars so you can sample the best of the local wine on offer. You can have a beer from the Catalan microbrews, cava from local cava makers, fantastic goat cheese or rich sheep cheese from inland farms. There is a spectacular offer of marinated, pickled or stuffed olives, seasonal fruits, with particularly good oranges, vegetables, honey, chocolate, special breads. There are wine tasting sessions in wine and cava area, plenty of workshops and talks on Catalan wines, olives and cheeses. Mercat de Mercats also offers free cooking workshops led by renowned chefs. Here you can get great cooking tips and learn to make traditional Catalan dishes at home so you can take some of your Barcelona holiday back home with you.

Barcelona food festival is a wonderful opportunity for locals and tourists to experience a real feast for all senses and try the dazzling array of Catalan flavours.So if your trips to Barcelona are in mid-October, be sure not to miss this event full of inspiration and delicious tastes.