La Fiesta de Gràcia is one of those eagerly awaited Barcelona events that shouldn’t be missed by any chance. If the mid August is the time of your trip to Barcelona, make sure you head-up to this up-town area, famous for its laid back bohemian atmosphere and vibrant bar life.
This is a free festival that takes place in the streets, so you don’t need to buy any tickets to attend it. During this week-long fiesta you can see the streets of Gràcia completely transformed. The residents are in fact competing among each other to win the prize for the best decorated street. They take this competition seriously. Each street has its own theme which is decided upon a council formed by the residents.

You will be absolutely amazed and moved by the explosion of originality and creativity. You can find yourself in a Wild West saloon with cowboys dancing on the tables, a Star Wars street, in a prehistoric world with pterodactyls and flying reptiles or in Antarctic-themed alley with dancing penguins. There are plenty of street stalls selling everything from jewellery to cocktails or fresh, local produce, perfect to eat while enjoying one of the concerts or shows.

The festival is just like Gràcia itself- full of surprises. And when you think you’ve seen it all, you turn a corner and notice the family serving mojitos from their front windows. One second you are in the middle of a group of ravers, and next you can see couples waltzing or old ladies listening to an ageing Spanish bend play Aerosmith songs. There are fire-breathers with their flames, dance troupes and much more during entire week.

This is one of the most beautiful events Barcelona has to offer. It attracts over 1.5 million of people each year making Gràcia one of those unavoidable places to visit in Barcelona.
Immerse yourself in Spanish culture, lift your spirit and fuel your soul, when you visit this unique fiesta full of colours and sounds, making your short breaks in Barcelona a life time experience.