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Carrer dels Àngels, 3, 08001 Barcelona Spain PERFECT FOOD IN AN AMAZING RAVAL NEIGHBOURHOOD Veggie Garden is one of the most popular vegan restaurants in Barcelona. It’s tucked behind the Barcelona Ramblas, in the Raval neighbourhood, near the Catalunya Square and the Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art. It’s a spacious, beautifully designed two-storey hip café [...]


Carrer del Palau, 5, 08002 Barcelona, Spain VEGAN SURPRISE IN THE BARCELONA CITY CENTRE Rasoterra is an absolutely gorgeous establishment tucked away on a back street in the Barrio Gótico. This bright, modern, Zen-like setting with tall ceilings, low-playing jazz and fresh flowers on the tables has a unique chic vibe and relaxed, informal atmosphere. [...]


Carrer de Muntaner, 12, 08011 Barcelona, Spain A PIONEER OF MACROBIOTICS IN SPAIN Macrobiotic Zen was open in 1974, and is considered to be the first macrobiotic restaurant and shop in Spain. Many years later, what was once 80% shop and 20% restaurant is now 90% eatery and 10% shop. Located in the Barcelona city [...]


Carrer de la Princesa 57, 08003 Barcelona, Spain ART AND FOOD MAKING A PERFECT SYMBIOSIS El Café Blue Project Foundation is a gastronomic space that offers 100% vegetarian cuisine (with vegan and gluten-free options) prepared with natural, organic ingredients. It’s located in the BlueProject Foundation for Contemporary Art, next to CiutadellaPark and close to Palau [...]


Carrer de Sevilla, 70, 08003 Barcelona, Spain HEALTHY FOOD, SANGRIA, SUN AND SEA Bar Celoneta Sangria Bar is located on a small side street, close to the Barceloneta beach, but far enough to be away from all the crowded tourist places. It’s known for being the first vegetarian/vegan restaurant in the district where majority of [...]


Carrer de Sant Antoni Abat, 52, 08001 Barcelona Spain VEGETARIAN FOOD WITH FLAVOUR AND IMAGINATION If you are in search for innovative and imaginative food in Barcelona, look no further. Sésamo is a well-known Barcelona restaurant that serves fantastic vegetarian dishes with some equally amazing vegan options. It’s located in Barcelona Raval district, close to [...]


Carrer Boria, 17, 08003 Barcelona Spain SPECIAL PLACE WITH A SPECIAL ATMOSPHERE Cat Bar is a vegan backstreet artisan beer and burger bar and an extraordinary Barcelona restaurant located in El Born, next to Jaume I metro, just off Via Laietana. From the moment the bell tinkles announcing your arrival, it’s more than clear you’ve [...]