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GASTRONOMIC FESTIVAL IN BARCELONA CITY CENTRE Mercat de Mercats is a great celebration of fresh food and markets that takes place every year over a weekend in October. This outdoor three day festival presents the best of Catalan and Mediterranean cuisine in front of Barcelona Cathedral, along Cathedral Avenue and Avenida Francesc Cambo in Barcelona [...]


JOIN THE RUN, ENJOY BARCELONA’S IMPRESSIVE SITES Barcelona Marathon is an annual race that takes place in March. It has a long history as it started as Catalunya Marathon in 1978, but the name was changed into the current in 2005. The race begins in front of the Magic Fontain at Avenida Maria Cristina, below [...]


EARTH MARKET WITH LOCAL, ECO-FRIENDLY GOODS Barcelona city celebrates international Earth Day in its own way. They organise an annual two day fair and market called “La Fira per la Terra”. Barcelona Earth Fair was first held in 1996. It takes place on the weekend closest to 22 April, World Earth Day, in Parc de [...]


EXCELLENT BEERS IN THE COUNTRY OF WINE Barcelona beer festival takes place in the middle of March in the Maritime Museum (Sala Marqués Comillas). The Museum is located in the building of the Royal Shipyards, at the foot of Montjuïc mountain, near Barcelona port. This three-day festival is a meeting point for craft beer lovers. [...]


THE DAY OF THE BOOKS, ROSES AND LOVE Sant Jordi’s day is celebrated each year on 23rd April. It’s the most romantic day of the year in Barcelona city, a Catalonia’s version of Valentine’s Day. Sant Jordi is the Catalan name of St. George, the patron saint of Catalonia. Also known as the Lovers day, [...]


A WEEK OF ORIGINALITY AND CREATIVITY ON THE STREETS OF GRÀCIA La Fiesta de Gràcia is one of those eagerly awaited Barcelona events that shouldn’t be missed by any chance. If the mid August is the time of your trip to Barcelona, make sure you head-up to this up-town area, famous for its laid back [...]


JOIN THE BARCELONA’S BIGGEST EVENT La Mercè has been a city holiday since 1871, and although the official feast day is September 24, the festival begins a few days earlier. This celebration is honouring Mare de Déu de la Mercè (the Virgin of Mercy), the Patron Saint of Barcelona city. This is the largest and [...]