Barcelona beer festival takes place in the middle of March in the Maritime Museum (Sala Marqués Comillas). The Museum is located in the building of the Royal Shipyards, at the foot of Montjuïc mountain, near Barcelona port.

This three-day festival is a meeting point for craft beer lovers. In the centre of this wonderful space is a long bar with more than 60 beer taps. Guests can sample over 300 different varieties of artisan beers from Spain and abroad. This stunning offer of high-quality products makes an addict of whoever tries them. Careful attention is paid to the ideal service of each drink by staff specially trained in pouring a glass on tap.

Aside from tasting there are also lectures and talks held by beer experts and first-rate brewers from all around the world. This programme of parallel activities also includes local exhibits that combine beer culture with other social activities, such as cuisine, music, and others. There are some specific events where local producers and restaurateurs present their gastronomic produce that can be perfectly paired with good beer. To accompany your cold drink, there are tapas, cheeses, pastries, crepes.

March is a great month for trying new things, for fun and introduction of the upcoming summer. Plan your city breaks to Barcelona wisely, and be careful- don’t miss out on the most extraordinary Barcelona events. It’s an incredible opportunity to discover craft beers, new tastes and another side of Spain, not only as a country of excellent wines, but as well as a country of high-quality beers.