Carrer de Balmes, 85 Tienda, 08008 Barcelona Spain


Adonia is a spacious organic store located on the beautiful, never ending Balmes Street in the Barcelona city. It’s founded by Laura and Jorge- a couple passionate about eco-friendly and natural living.

This amazing store offers a wide range of natural and organic cosmetics for the whole family. Unlike most commercial brands, these products are petroleum-free, have no chemicals, synthetic perfumes, and are not tested on animals.

In this organic paradise you can find a wide range of eco-friendly skin care, body care, men’s grooming, as well as the baby products. Once you try these, you’ll never go back to using conventional cosmetics. Your skin and hair will be thankful, because soon you’ll see them becoming cleaner and healthier.

This is a must-visit place during your shopping in Barcelona, as beside these heavenly skin products, you can also get the knowledgeable advice from the owners, who are in constant research of new brands.

This store, that truly respects the environment, offers fantastic Mandara products- Latvian award-winning natural and organic cosmetic line that covers a range of different skin types. There are Cattier Paris products which include clay masks, cleansing milks, as well as slimming products for all those with the brand-new fitness plan. Olive Delicatessen del Mediterraneo and Matarrania offer skincare products based on olive oil and extracts.

There is an impressive offer of organic soaps, shampoos, air fresheners, perfumes, make-up, pre and post pregnancy products, aromatherapy from more affordable brands like Korres, Logona, Weleda, Dr. Hauschka, Jason to those a bit more expensive like John Masters Organic, or La Biosthetique.

This genuinely devoted eco-friendly, organic oasis will help you bring home healthy, high-quality products from your Barcelona trip.

Here you’ll find everything you need for a healthier you, making your Barcelona travel even more beneficial.